Marie-Lavande, specialized in the preservation and maintenance of delicate linen and lace, offers her specific cleansing products as well as accessories essential to the care of laundry.

"What there is shall belong to those who are good for it"

Bertolt Brecht.

Textiles and clothing mark every stage of our existence. They give intimate expression to our habits and lifestyle. Their forms and ornamentation provide historical testimony of those who chose them as much as of those who have crafted and conserved them. Proof that textiles and clothing are profoundly part of our heritage.

Marie Lavande is a member of the « Guild » of conservators. Ironer, lace-maker, embroiderer, seamstress: all these crafts are part of the skills required to be a « Lingère » (Linens specialist). Our excellence is in our work force comprising specialists in each of these fields. Our excellence is in our capacity to meet our clients' requirements. Our excellence is what has given us our international name .

Our expertise and know-how are displayed in the methods we use to conserve the most delicate and the most precious textiles: lace, christening gowns, bridal veils, table linen and bed linen....

Our clients are mainly private individuals: demanding aesthetes, fine linen lovers, heirs of large estates and their traditions, , collectors, antique dealers focusing on linens for receptions and hospitality both in France and abroad. We also work for the Musée des Arts décoratifs (Museum of Decorative Arts) every now and then.

To further the spirit of « Marie Lavande », we have decided to market the products and accessories that have stood the test of time in our workshop. Having been using them for the 28 years of our rich professional history we have proved their worth. These products meet European standards on the protection of the environment, and our packaging is 95% to 99% biodegradable. They are of professional quality as required by the guild of « Master Craftsmen » and as such are superior to other such products on the market. The accessories we are now making available are those that we use in our workshop while exercising our professional craft.

Whatever the reasons household linen and its manufacture might engage interest; the intricacies of its decoration and the beauty of its fabrics evoke wonder in us all.

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